Finding a Lawyer That Meets Your Needs in Winnipeg

sexual assault lawyer

If you have a legal issue, the first thing you should do is to look for a good lawyer to help you out. A good attorney will help you settle your case out of court and if your case goes to court, they will offer you the necessary representation. While some people choose to battle legal cases on their own, this is imprudent. Lawyers have the required education and experience to deal with different cases. If you are charged with sexual assault, for example, you need an experienced sexual assault lawyer to help you out. However, choosing a good lawyer might be harder than you think. It is true that there are many lawyers out there, but not all of them can be trusted. Here are some tips to help you find good legal services in Winnipeg.

Compile a List

Make a list of the top-rated sexual assault lawyers in your area and interview them one by one to get the best. A good way to know of the best legal services in Winnipeg is to ask for recommendations from your friends, relatives and colleagues. If you know anyone who has been charged with sexual assault before, ask about the attorney they used. Other professionals, like your family doctor, can also tell you of the best lawyers in this specialization.

An online search is also another way to get a good sexual assault lawyer. Today, people are constantly posting their experiences with different professionals online. There are sites with information and ratings on different legal services in Winnipeg. Read client reviews on different legal services and avoid those with many negative reviews. While one or two negative reviews probably mean nothing, many negative reviews could be an indication of substandard legal services. Also, a good thing to do is to look at whether or not your prospective lawyer has won any high-profile sexual assault cases. Search for articles where the lawyer was reported to have won any sexual assault cases that have garnered considerable media attention. Though they might be more expensive, being involved with cases like this shows that they are a lawyer of the highest calibre.


Check the credentials of an attorney before hiring them to handle your case. Confirm that a potential lawyer has adequate training from a reputable law school. Ask for proof that an attorney attends seminars and continuing training programs to be updated on any changes and developments in their area of specialization. In addition, ensure that the professional belongs to the relevant lawyer associations. This is an indication that the attorney’s practice is within the stipulated laws.


Ask about the number of years a lawyer has been practicing. It is recommended that you choose attorneys that have been offering legal services in Winnipeg for many years. However, it should be noted that the lawyer you hire should be experienced in the specific area of concern to you. For instance, just because an attorney has been helping people buy and sell their homes for a decade; it does not mean that they will definitely be helpful in your sexual assault case.


You should choose a lawyer to which you can relate well. Personal comfort is very important here so that you can ask questions and raise any concerns you might have without fear. Choose a sexual assault lawyer with excellent communication skills. While it is important for a lawyer to be professional, they should also be friendly enough to make their clients comfortable.