Legal Services in Scarborough

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Whether you are having some issues in the workplace, have been terminated from employment, need an agreement reviewed or drafted, are preparing for divorce or are separated, you need an experienced lawyer who can offer sound legal advice or professional legal representation. They should be able to handle any challenge in a compassionate and cost-effective way. Fortunately, there are various full-service service law firms with knowledgeable, skilled and experienced lawyers who can help you resolve simple, as well as more complex legal issues.

Legal Services in Scarborough

If you are in Scarborough, you can find well-established law firms with lawyers in different areas of practice. They are well-trained and experienced lawyers who use their expertise to represent individuals, entrepreneurs, charities and corporations in Scarborough and the surrounding areas. They will listen to your case and help you formulate a plan that will protect you, your future, your family or business. They will work closely with you to offer sound and reliable legal advice. Some of their areas of practice include:

  1. Employment Law

If you have been looking for a good employment lawyer in Scarborough, these law firms can provide you with one. The lawyers offer legal advice regarding various workplace issues such as wrongful dismissal, severance packages, disability law, human rights and discrimination. They also cover areas such as employment contracts, termination for just cause, layoffs, as well as constructive dismissal.

If you are an employer, they can help you develop, implement and enforce the best company policies and critical procedures for a healthy work environment. Whether you need help drafting or reviewing a contract, or need a severance package lawyer to help you negotiate or draft severance packages, these firms can help.

  1. Family Law

Family law covers different areas and a family law lawyer can give you sound legal advice and even represent you in cases that concern issues such as:

  1. Divorce; whether contested or uncontested
  2. Drafting and reviewing pre-nuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements

III. Custody and access

  1. Child Support and other special expenses
  2. Spousal support
  3. Restraining and preservation orders

VII. Division of property

If you need independent legal advice on any of the above issues, these firms have trustworthy lawyers who will treat you with the utmost compassion and discretion.

  1. Civil Litigation

Whether you want compensation for the damages you suffered, want to be paid for the services you rendered or require a certain contract set aside or enforced on valid grounds, these firms have court-savvy and skilled lawyers who can help. They can also assist you if you have been harassed, bullied or discriminated against in the work place. The main aspects that are covered under civil litigation include:

  1. Negligence
  2. Breach of contract

III. Misrepresentation

  1. Defamation
  2. Employment contracts
  3. Wrongful dismissal

VII. Constructive dismissal

Whether you need legal advice concerning certain legal issues or need legal representation in any matter, it is always important to look for skilled lawyers with experience in that specific area. If you are a resident of Scarborough, you can find well-established law firms with experienced lawyers who can handle different legal issues professionally. Whether you want a severance package lawyer or employment lawyer in Scarborough to advise or represent you in a court of law, these firms have you covered.