Tips for Choosing a Good Divorce Lawyer in Kitchener

divorce lawyer

It is possible to get through a divorce without the help of a lawyer, but if you want the very best outcome, it is best to get the advice of someone who understands the ins and outs of this process in your area. A divorce lawyer in Kitchener will help you make sound decisions throughout the way. However, not all lawyers are the same. You need to be careful with your choice, as this expert greatly determines alimony payments, division of assets, child custody rights and property ownership. Here are some tips to help you choose the best lawyer in Kitchener to help with your divorce:

Hire a divorce lawyer with experience in your area of residence. Regardless of how good a lawyer is, there is a lot to be said for having knowledge in an area. You want a lawyer who is familiar with divorce laws that apply where you live. Also, look at the specialization of an attorney. Do not hire just any family lawyer. Family law is broad, so ensure that the lawyer you choose to help you with the divorce process specializes in divorce cases. A family lawyer might be good with wills and estates, but this does not mean they will be as good with divorce cases.

Interview potential lawyers in person before you make your choice. Regardless of how highly recommended a divorce lawyer in Kitchener is, a phone conversation will not do. You will be partners with your attorney throughout the divorce proceedings, so choose someone you are comfortable with. You can only tell whether or not you will be comfortable with a lawyer by meeting them in person. Sometimes people are not anything like the way they sound on phone.

Do not hire the same lawyer with your spouse, whether the divorce is a hostile or an amicable one. Each of you needs an attorney who will look out for their best interests. If you and your spouse use the same lawyer, the professional is bound to have a conflict of interest on several issues that arise. You can avoid this situation by ensuring that you hire your own divorce lawyer in Kitchener.

Ask for references before making your choice. It is important to know what the lawyer’s past clients think of his/her services. Ask a potential lawyer for a list of names and contact information of some clients they have worked with in the past. Use this information to get in touch with these clients and ask them how their case progressed through the courts and if they were satisfied with the results. Ask if they would recommend the lawyer in question.

Hire a lawyer whose office location is convenient for your home or work place. During the divorce proceedings, especially early stages, you might be required to meet with your attorney quite often. As a result, choosing a lawyer with a convenient location cuts down your travel expenses a great deal. It also saves you time that could be used on other things. You do not want to be driving across the province to reach your lawyer in Kitchener.